Picture it & write – Online presence

Before you read this, you Must See this week’s picture it & write over on http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/picture-it-and-write-special/  if you don’t read it, nothing that follows will make much sense! Hope you enjoy!

Hope this finds you well                                                       You are? Oh,

Facebook recommends                                                       friend of a friend

On top five                                                                            mutual acquaintance-

List of interesting                                                                  strangers, stalking

Profiles and facts                                                                  ex-lovers, gossip

About you, your life                                                                public, unsecure

On-line                                                                                   breached


I was once a friend                                                                 Sometime ago

Of your brother                                                                       Frankie dated her

He doesn’t seem to be                                                           daily stalked him

On Facebook                                                                          after they broke up


Is he okay?                                                                              Disappeared off-line

I haven’t seen him around                                                       Moved county

Tell him I said hi                                                                     Not a word

And that me and you are now friends                                   She’s mad

I.M. you later!                                                                         Block – right now

Goodbye!                                                                               Goodbye!

That Friday Feeling

The poems are chosen.
The placement decided.
The relevant people seen.
The date is set. Put 22nd September in your diaries!

For one month, my work can be seen at Waterstone’s bookstore Liverpool One.
I cannot explain how excited this makes me! I actually wanted to go up to random people in the centre and tell them I will be on display at Waterstone’s. I am not that kind of person.
So, if you’re up this way, stop by, take a look, buy a book or two and stop the monstrous cheapo online giants from ruining our high street!
Plus, you will be able to read the pieces that didn’t make the display right here on the blog from next week!
Until then, happy writing and happy Friday!

New Newsy Stuff!

Well, it’s been a really busy few weeks since I last posted!
Firstly, that exciting bit of news I had on the last post, that I wouldn’t tell?
Well, it’s an opportunity to publicly display some of my poems in a large, local bookshop. I’m going to meet the folks organising it, in a couple of weeks to discuss the what/where/how’s of it all. I will keep all you good bloggists out there updated each step of the way!!
Needless to say I am excited and terrified at the same time!!

Secondly, a new blog, http://ohmygoshhaveyouread.wordpress.com/ by my friend Sefa, et al.
The lending library is aimed at members of your church, Jubilee Liverpool (http://jubileechurchliverpool.org/). We need your help though!
We need your Suggestions, book lists and commentaries/resource guides/motivational guides by your favourite Christian authors/speakers/writers.
We hope to be able to read and review them at some point and put them up on the blog where possible. The aim is also to be able to put these into a lending library
To do that, put your suggestions as a comment on the blog(s), with details of title author(s) and ISBN.