Picture It & Write – TARDIS strikes again

I left a poem by the kettle. Had to go back to the TARDIS to retrieve it.

This one is in response to: 10th June 2012; http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/__picture-it-write-31/


Wet pages


Words run from the page

Like red dye from a sock


Separated from sentence and structure

Evade recapture


Reform to drift on tides

Of time and metre


Metaphors slip through fingers

Land with splashes of delight

That ripples like a tidal wave in Lilliput


If I were a poet

I would immerse myself in such things


Court charming nouns

Make art from recycled water drops


Picture it & Write – The TARDIS way

Sorry Doctor (Who-that is)

I’ve pinched the TARDIS a moment to go back in time to post a poem on Picture it & write that I wrote about 2 weeks after the original event. Feeling rather deflated, it stayed in my notebook for ages. Then the girls at Ermiliablog encouraged me to post it anyway. So I am.

Here it is: From 19 Feb 2012 http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/__picture-it-write-19/


Red Riding Hood is Running Scared

She runs

Feet pounding earth

Dry as sticks


Signalling her presence

Splintering into bared soles

Leaving bright red

Breadcrumb droplets

Signalling her trail

Like the outline of her silhouette

Signals the danger

Closing in from behind



-By the way…

I’ve returned the TARDIS as promised. I’ve parked it behind the Asda.

Picture it & write – ballet shoes

I think I’m getting the hang of this writing prompt malarkey. I’ve another contribution to the picture prompt over at http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/picture-it-and-write-5/

It’s not completely polished. It has gone through several revisions in the past 24 hours. If I try to revise it any more at this point in time, it will be weeks before it goes up on the site. So, here is

The Ballerina

Beautiful in surrender

In chaos retired her grace

A puppet to her master’s choreography

She displayed her talent on stage

Every night

Spilling out emotion in public

Arenas, a gladiator of dance

Spectators watched Pointe

Shoes cut

Deeper than a sword

Legs crumble

Like storm-weathered trees


She flew with clipped wings

And broken strings

Spiralled into freefall

Saved from crashing head first by

Ribbons and pearls

Introducing a new page – heading photo’s


The old photograph, Bee a Flower was originally taken by my dad, who is on his way to being an amateur photographer. I will try to add some of my favourite photo’s of his, over the coming months.

The current picture (seagulls on posts), is called MINE! and was a snap I took in 2011 in Chester Zoo. The full picture is above

making pots and poetry

To rhyme or not to rhyme? It’s a case of “if it fits,” if a rhyming scheme fits, then let it, but make it like a beautifully tailored item of clothing. If a rhyming scheme doesn’t seem to fit, then don’t try to make it fit – it just becomes a horrible mess. Even so, there is always the area in between…
Gathering the information, the material, the background for the next assignment and related poems has been quite interesting, and in some ways, exciting to see the history and origins of words reinforce my main idea.
In gathering this material, I have tried different ways to put pen to paper, i.e. not starting at the top of the page, drawing pictures, mind maps, doodling, etc whilst doing so. Above is a series of pictures and photos of what I have done so far.
Sadly, I have realised too late, that TIFF files are really difficult to work with. Much of my work this time has been in Windows Journal – a fab program but hard to convert to an internet and blog friendly format. I will find a way to put the documents on the blog.