Nearing the end of an era

In a complete tangent from my usual musings, I have written a very small verse in honor of a local shop closing down.

Most people will have heard of the chain of clothing stores, Bon Marche. Okay, the majority of women over a certain age will frequent the store more than those of “The Younger Generation,” but it has some good party clothes and is good for a cheap pair of trousers when you’ve dropped a dress size and quickly need a pair that won’t fall down.

I have a local Bon Marche store about a 5 minute walk away and today went in with the intention of perusing the rails for a new pair of trousers and maybe a skirt. I was shocked to find HUGE bright yellow closing down posters plastered all over the walls.

It felt like a friend had just upped and left moments after cutting off my arm.

So, here’s my – currently unfinished – little (orange box) verse for this moment:

It happened (again) today

They’ve done it before

Now they’ve done it again

Gutting the inside

Of our local iconic store