Picture it and write – Diving

Well, for a second week in a row, I’ve managed to scribble something for Picture it and write over on http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com
It’s a not a poem (Shock! Horror!), but a spot of flash fiction. I’ve set up a non-poetry blog now (http://authorsideofme.wordpress.com), but to prevent anyone getting confused – especially yours truly – I will post my contribution(s) to Picture it and Write under here.

This weeks picture can be seen on http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/__picture-it-write-51/

and here is Diving

He told himself he wasn’t in love.

Love made people weak, vulnerable.

Love broke hearts. He’d experienced love like that once; it had taken him years to piece together his heart.


Now he thought about it, he was afraid he’d already fallen in love with her.


She hadn’t been afraid.

She had said – no, shouted – “I love you” uncompromising and bold.

She had taken a dive into the great unknown, executed beautifully, expecting him to follow suit.

He, however had stood there stunned, staring at her, his response dissipating in his mouth.

He watched helpless as her dive over-spun and she crashed to the ground, breaking apart with sickening ease.

He heard a familiar voice cry out – his own.

Instinctively he waded in just to be beside her, to hold her broken body, murmuring, “I love you, I love you” over and over until he couldn’t breathe – couldn’t breathe without her.

He made her a promise then and there – to protect her, to love her, to catch her, to carry her – and as he did, her heart began beating again, strong, powerful, and in perfect sync with his own.



Picture it & Write – Bubble (Part 2)

I have a confession. Yesterday’s blog post was written hurredly. It was also written quite late in the day and I began falling asleep as I was typing. As a result. None of it makes a lot of sense. So Here is the “sensible” version.

I follow the Picture it & Write blog at:

Each week they put up a picture as a writing prompt. Normally, I don’t have inspiration within the week (and therefore before the next prompt), but this week I have. Here is my contribution:


A shrink-wrap

Bubble shrouds me

Surfactant surface tension

Closes in on airways

Sucking air from lungs

The world outside

Is unaware of my plight

Hidden by semi-translucent colours

Red, gold, purple


As my cyanosed mouth

Cannot breathe

Or scream for help

Not you would hear me

Nor would you help

Colourful poems

I promised a look at one of my poems in colour. Okay, so I’ve put on a coloured poem about colour, it is by accident. Honest! Yet, in it’s honour, I have coloured it accordingly here on the blog. In my handwritten notes, I wrote this in a mixture of red, black and neon pink!

My rainbow died today.

It fell into a puddle and drowned

Dumb-struck, I watched

The colours fracture and disperse

Catching a glimpse here and there

The coloured slivers

Disappearing into the murky water



I continued to watch

But I don’t always write entirely in colour, there are time when I really think black is the best colour to write my notes in. It gives them stringency. I have added a splash of colour though!

Earth (Ashes to Ashes) *Exerpt*

He watches her chest

Rise and fall evenly,

With each quiet breath

In and out.

Rising higher as she sighs

Long and deep.

Sleepily, she stirs,

Reaches out for him,

For his presence,

For his warmth,

For his cold empty side of the bed.

She dresses in mourning black,

Deep purple shoes with matching tights;

Takes her place among the entourage

Behind the coffin.

And pall bearers slow march in unison

To music he never seemed to like

Into the church he never seemed to visit

With the family she no longer seemed to know

Inspiration and other things

So, it’s been weeks since I last posted anything.

Why is that? I hear you ask?

Well, quite frankly, I’ve had a dearth in writing. I’ve not wanted to mainly. For various reasons, all stemming from a massive amount of stress from my job (not writing related).

To be honest, at this moment in time, I still don’t. I have written a few poetic lines, and in fact finished typing/revising a short story. I’ve sent this to a writerly mate for a look-see and help with voice. I’ve a few ideas as to what to do with it after this, but I’ll keep these under wraps until later on in the year.

I’m even thinking of reviewing some material I wrote a while back for children. I just need to find someone to illustrate for free (or maybe a big bar of chocolate)!


So why write a post?

Thanks goes to this quarter’s Mslexia and the article

The curse of the disappearing floor
Scarlett Thomas’ worst mistakes

Well, today I got the new Mslexia magazine (www.mslexia.co.uk) and after a quick read through (I’ll spend the next 3 months having a longer read!) I’ve realised a big thing. I need to chuck/delete/burn the “novel” I’ve been trying to work on. It’s stuck. I’m stuck. I need to look at something new, fresh. I’ve said this before, but not done anything about it. That story is still on my PC, notes are in a drawer etc. This weekend (I really have no time to do it before) I will physically throw this thing out.