Random musings on a friday evening

I’m not usually one to put down a few hastily written poetical lines on here without first humming and harring over if its good or suitable or rhythmically sound. However – today, i was inspired by a twittering of @phaidronous (also at: http://stevenquantick.wordpress.com/ ) and so decided I would write this:

I’ll sit in the lap of Friday night,

Nuzzle the neck of Saturday morning

Savour the sweet smell of long

Lie-Ins and no alarm

Of breakfast in pyjamas and newspapers

Spread over the duvet.


That’s as far as I’ve got, but many thanks for the inspiration Steve!

Introducing a new page – heading photo’s


The old photograph, Bee a Flower was originally taken by my dad, who is on his way to being an amateur photographer. I will try to add some of my favourite photo’s of his, over the coming months.

The current picture (seagulls on posts), is called MINE! and was a snap I took in 2011 in Chester Zoo. The full picture is above