Deadlines (or how this year is running out!)

Last August my cousin and his girlfriend got engaged (ya!). They have booked the wedding for September this year. 

A few months ago they asked me to do a reading – an absolute honor – and asked if I could write a poem for them. I said yes…

…then left it alone for AGES…

I wrote a line or two. Left it alone.

And realised that I haven’t read anything to influence or inspire me…I have 3 months to write a polished piece.

How I write is quite loose. I write a piece, either story or poem, leave it for a couple of weeks, review, re-write and repeat. I don’t have much time to do this. 

So I got out my anthology books with poetry about everything from apples to zoo keepers and everything inbetween and got to reading.

I’ve managed to get some inspiration from The Bard (Kiss Me Kate is right – you do have to brush up your Shakespear!) et al, but I have to get my head down and write!!!