Deadlines….I’ve done it!

Well my last post was almost 12 weeks ago, and at the time I had nothing in terms of a poem for my cousin and his fiancée.

About 2 weeks ago, I finished the poem! I still did what I usually do, wrote it, left it (for a couple of days instead of weeks!), wrote and edited it a bit more and…finished!

I have a small whiteboard in my bedroom which I bought ages ago as a sort of poem-mood-board come poetical sketchbook. I recommend getting a cheapish one to every part-time poet and even full-time ones! It’s a great thing to scribble a line or theme on, leave alone for a couple of days, yet always coming back to it, adding stuff to it and repeating the process until, voilà, a poem is conceived and born!

The final piece was well received by the couple who I gave the final draft to. I am now needing to rehearse it before the big day.

But at the moment, I have headresses to finish for my best friends wedding 4 days after my cousins’!