Colourful poems

I promised a look at one of my poems in colour. Okay, so I’ve put on a coloured poem about colour, it is by accident. Honest! Yet, in it’s honour, I have coloured it accordingly here on the blog. In my handwritten notes, I wrote this in a mixture of red, black and neon pink!

My rainbow died today.

It fell into a puddle and drowned

Dumb-struck, I watched

The colours fracture and disperse

Catching a glimpse here and there

The coloured slivers

Disappearing into the murky water



I continued to watch

But I don’t always write entirely in colour, there are time when I really think black is the best colour to write my notes in. It gives them stringency. I have added a splash of colour though!

Earth (Ashes to Ashes) *Exerpt*

He watches her chest

Rise and fall evenly,

With each quiet breath

In and out.

Rising higher as she sighs

Long and deep.

Sleepily, she stirs,

Reaches out for him,

For his presence,

For his warmth,

For his cold empty side of the bed.

She dresses in mourning black,

Deep purple shoes with matching tights;

Takes her place among the entourage

Behind the coffin.

And pall bearers slow march in unison

To music he never seemed to like

Into the church he never seemed to visit

With the family she no longer seemed to know