New Newsy Stuff!

Well, it’s been a really busy few weeks since I last posted!
Firstly, that exciting bit of news I had on the last post, that I wouldn’t tell?
Well, it’s an opportunity to publicly display some of my poems in a large, local bookshop. I’m going to meet the folks organising it, in a couple of weeks to discuss the what/where/how’s of it all. I will keep all you good bloggists out there updated each step of the way!!
Needless to say I am excited and terrified at the same time!!

Secondly, a new blog, by my friend Sefa, et al.
The lending library is aimed at members of your church, Jubilee Liverpool ( We need your help though!
We need your Suggestions, book lists and commentaries/resource guides/motivational guides by your favourite Christian authors/speakers/writers.
We hope to be able to read and review them at some point and put them up on the blog where possible. The aim is also to be able to put these into a lending library
To do that, put your suggestions as a comment on the blog(s), with details of title author(s) and ISBN.