Picture it & write – the long stretch

Here’s a late entry to last week’s picture it and write over on Ermilia http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/

And Here is the picture prompt


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The Long Stretch

As soon as my leg had healed after the accident, my friends and family told me to “get back on the bike” or I “never would again and regret it.” Nothing I’d not told myself, like. I knew that never going my usual route to work again (I like the scenic route) would cause all sorts of regrets.

So I got back on my new bike (the old one had an imprint of my leg in the back wheel) and took a leisurely ride down the ever familiar road. That’s when it happened.

My panic attack. The world began to spin. My heart raced and I thought I would hyperventilate. I knew I was veering all over the road – just like the car that hit me, despite me riding off the road to get out of its way – I quickly got off the bike and began walking slowly towards the area I was knocked over. The attack didn’t ease much – the road simply warped and stretched forever in front of me.

Picture it and write – memory

A Couple of weeks ago, Ermilia put this picture up for Picture it and Write

by DiggieVitt on Flickr

For more information on this picture and the prompt, please see  http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/08/11/__picture-it-write-62/

and here is my contribution for this




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He kept running.

 Somehow he had to get the crows away from his sister. The crows had stolen his memories – and most of hers. But there were two memories she kept deep within her.

 He had to make sure they were kept safe.

 One was of their mother; who she was, where she was.

 The other was of his wife and child.


Picture it and write – Shipwrecked

Here is this weeks prompt for the regular Picture it and write over on Ermilia


For more information on this image and prompt, see http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/__picture-it-write-63/

And here is my contribution:




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Cerri had been swimming for hours – or was it days – since the shipwreck. A few hours ago she had managed – somehow – to wrap herself in a rope that was attached to a floating piece of old fishing boat that she had come across.


After swimming for a few hours she pulled herself onto that bit of boat to rest.


She had fallen asleep.


Waking, she found herself on dry land. She was face down on a beach. But how? The boat fragment had now disappeared. She didn’t care how. The rope remained around her wrists and arms. She wasn’t going anywhere. She was safe. She could rest again.








Picture it and write – sweet dreams

A couple of weeks ago, Ermilia (http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com) posted the following picture up for Picture it and Write


Click here for the full details http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/07/21/picture-it-and-write-7/

Well, it took me all that time to think of something to write. I knew I had to because it was such an inspiring picture (and quite possibly, I may write more under this inspiration).

Well, this is what I have initially started with. It’s a little dark and surreal but it is also inspired by my own dreams. Please note, due the theme in this, I suggest this not be read by under-16’s

Sweet Dreams

Dreams float on water currents

Tracking rivers to the source

Travels like backpackers in foreign lands

Resting like former royalty in once grand beds and chambers

Trapped as a sleeping princess

Awaiting Prince Charming

Trudging thigh-high in dank water

Pulling nightmares away

Soothing the distress from

What was witnessed by the owl and the pussycat

Kissing her awake to the sound of

Waterfalls and troubled waters

Then carry her to her own

Satin-covered four-post bed.

Picture it and write – Masqueless

With a great thanks to http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com for another wonderful suggested picture for this week’s picture it and write.


Click here http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/__picture-it-write-61/  for the link to this week’s picture it and write and to read more about this picture


I slipped my shell; bone hard


Exposed my real self; fragile

Vulnerable in this thick dark water

The only light from my alabaster

Heart hammering signals in Morse-code

SONAR warning of enemy shipwrecks

With faces like my old self

This blackness doesn’t frighten me

My past is easily left there

The future is somewhere ahead

Picture it & write – Online presence

Before you read this, you Must See this week’s picture it & write over on http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/picture-it-and-write-special/  if you don’t read it, nothing that follows will make much sense! Hope you enjoy!

Hope this finds you well                                                       You are? Oh,

Facebook recommends                                                       friend of a friend

On top five                                                                            mutual acquaintance-

List of interesting                                                                  strangers, stalking

Profiles and facts                                                                  ex-lovers, gossip

About you, your life                                                                public, unsecure

On-line                                                                                   breached


I was once a friend                                                                 Sometime ago

Of your brother                                                                       Frankie dated her

He doesn’t seem to be                                                           daily stalked him

On Facebook                                                                          after they broke up


Is he okay?                                                                              Disappeared off-line

I haven’t seen him around                                                       Moved county

Tell him I said hi                                                                     Not a word

And that me and you are now friends                                   She’s mad

I.M. you later!                                                                         Block – right now

Goodbye!                                                                               Goodbye!

Picture It & Write – TARDIS strikes again

I left a poem by the kettle. Had to go back to the TARDIS to retrieve it.

This one is in response to: 10th June 2012; http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/__picture-it-write-31/


Wet pages


Words run from the page

Like red dye from a sock


Separated from sentence and structure

Evade recapture


Reform to drift on tides

Of time and metre


Metaphors slip through fingers

Land with splashes of delight

That ripples like a tidal wave in Lilliput


If I were a poet

I would immerse myself in such things


Court charming nouns

Make art from recycled water drops


Picture it & Write – The TARDIS way

Sorry Doctor (Who-that is)

I’ve pinched the TARDIS a moment to go back in time to post a poem on Picture it & write that I wrote about 2 weeks after the original event. Feeling rather deflated, it stayed in my notebook for ages. Then the girls at Ermiliablog encouraged me to post it anyway. So I am.

Here it is: From 19 Feb 2012 http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/__picture-it-write-19/


Red Riding Hood is Running Scared

She runs

Feet pounding earth

Dry as sticks


Signalling her presence

Splintering into bared soles

Leaving bright red

Breadcrumb droplets

Signalling her trail

Like the outline of her silhouette

Signals the danger

Closing in from behind



-By the way…

I’ve returned the TARDIS as promised. I’ve parked it behind the Asda.

Picture it & write – ballet shoes

I think I’m getting the hang of this writing prompt malarkey. I’ve another contribution to the picture prompt over at http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/picture-it-and-write-5/

It’s not completely polished. It has gone through several revisions in the past 24 hours. If I try to revise it any more at this point in time, it will be weeks before it goes up on the site. So, here is

The Ballerina

Beautiful in surrender

In chaos retired her grace

A puppet to her master’s choreography

She displayed her talent on stage

Every night

Spilling out emotion in public

Arenas, a gladiator of dance

Spectators watched Pointe

Shoes cut

Deeper than a sword

Legs crumble

Like storm-weathered trees


She flew with clipped wings

And broken strings

Spiralled into freefall

Saved from crashing head first by

Ribbons and pearls

Picture it and write – Diving

Well, for a second week in a row, I’ve managed to scribble something for Picture it and write over on http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com
It’s a not a poem (Shock! Horror!), but a spot of flash fiction. I’ve set up a non-poetry blog now (http://authorsideofme.wordpress.com), but to prevent anyone getting confused – especially yours truly – I will post my contribution(s) to Picture it and Write under here.

This weeks picture can be seen on http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/__picture-it-write-51/

and here is Diving

He told himself he wasn’t in love.

Love made people weak, vulnerable.

Love broke hearts. He’d experienced love like that once; it had taken him years to piece together his heart.


Now he thought about it, he was afraid he’d already fallen in love with her.


She hadn’t been afraid.

She had said – no, shouted – “I love you” uncompromising and bold.

She had taken a dive into the great unknown, executed beautifully, expecting him to follow suit.

He, however had stood there stunned, staring at her, his response dissipating in his mouth.

He watched helpless as her dive over-spun and she crashed to the ground, breaking apart with sickening ease.

He heard a familiar voice cry out – his own.

Instinctively he waded in just to be beside her, to hold her broken body, murmuring, “I love you, I love you” over and over until he couldn’t breathe – couldn’t breathe without her.

He made her a promise then and there – to protect her, to love her, to catch her, to carry her – and as he did, her heart began beating again, strong, powerful, and in perfect sync with his own.