back and blogging

Its been about three weeks (or there abouts) since I last posted anything. I have been running up the wall with all sorts of things. A family wedding and a family 21st birthday party within a week of each other hasn’t helped with blogging time, plus, I have been busy with my other creative self and have been making jewellery and beading goodies (see more at

I know it’s a few days late, but I want to add my little tribute/obituary to the late great Seamus Heaney. He was one of my great 20th century poet-heroes ever since I read his poetry in school at sixteen. “Half-term break” being one of my favourite poems. The world is a quieter place now, but is a richer place from his influence. I have found a rather fitting tribute sonnet over on Roy Marshall’s (poet) blog,

And to the best British satirist-broadcaster-journalist-reporter of over 60 years, David Frost who died Saturday 31st August He did so much, he became a tour-de-force in the media world – most famously bringing Richard Nixon to a rather candid confession on the Watergate Scandal years after he was ousted. So, Sir David Frost who helped to launch (wider known) careers of the likes of Ronnie’s Corbet & Barker and John Cleese to name a few through his satirical sketch show, The Frost Report, all I can say is, Goodbye, Goodnight, RIP.


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