What are your dreams? Both aspirational and the kind you have in your sleep.
What is left if hope is pushed out of life?
Have you faith that you can continue if the dreams change? Have your dreams changed?
Somewhere in this, I have a poem. Or maybe two. Watch this space. I’ll let you know.
Oh, and put your comments (if any) about your dreams here – and while your at it, go and follow my friend’s blog where this has started from!

Parables and Wordsmithery

So I’ve been thinking about the importance of dreams.

Not the suddenly naked in a classroom or that *awesome* one I had where I was Neo and I could fly and everything!

Not those dreams. Although those are *brilliant*.

It’s easy in an insubstantial industry like the entertainment one I and others like me seek to be part of to get cynical. The best definition of cynicism I’ve heard recently is that it’s self preservation to keep hope at bay. And as writers we need to hold tightly to hope. Otherwise what will we inspire in our audience?

But something far closer than our audience is at stake. Cynicism systematically shuts down your emotions, those same emotions we need to harness and express in our writing or we might quite literally go mad.

So yes. Dreams = Important. Glad we had this talk.

Here are some of my dreams:


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