Picture it & Write – Bubble (Part 2)

I have a confession. Yesterday’s blog post was written hurredly. It was also written quite late in the day and I began falling asleep as I was typing. As a result. None of it makes a lot of sense. So Here is the “sensible” version.

I follow the Picture it & Write blog at:

Each week they put up a picture as a writing prompt. Normally, I don’t have inspiration within the week (and therefore before the next prompt), but this week I have. Here is my contribution:


A shrink-wrap

Bubble shrouds me

Surfactant surface tension

Closes in on airways

Sucking air from lungs

The world outside

Is unaware of my plight

Hidden by semi-translucent colours

Red, gold, purple


As my cyanosed mouth

Cannot breathe

Or scream for help

Not you would hear me

Nor would you help


2 thoughts on “Picture it & Write – Bubble (Part 2)

  1. I’m glad this week’s image inspired you. Please don’t feel like you’re cut off from writing something for an earlier week. We do our best to read and reply to all of the contributions no matter if they are months back.

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