Blue Monday, Orange Wednesday, Colour my week

I love to write in colour when scribbling poetry sketches and associated notes.

I don’t always write in one single colour either, sometimes I may write in three or four different colours before re-writing in one of the colours previously used and that I liked the look of.

However, all that is lost when I type it up on my computer, into industry standard black on white.

This musing led me to think – are there any other writers out there like me? Do you long for pages of coloured print, or coloured pages for standard print? (Personally, I do enjoy writing on a muted shade of pink, it seems that I can see more clearly on it) Post a comment here!

 I will attempt to write a colourful poem once a month and post it here – it will be in a rough form, as this is when each piece is at it’s most colourful. I will also be using it as a writing exercise. Look out over the next couple of days for the first of these poems!!


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