Edit…edit..edit it!

So I’ve edited some of the poems I’m planning on submitting for my final assignment. I’ve rewritten and edited them again, and I still don’t think their finished! It doesn’t help either when a line or theme decide to wedge itself in the crevices in my brain on my way out of work.

The newest line being “And doors fight the wind…”

Okay, on it’s own, it’s a bit odd, but believe me, this could easily be slipped into one poem I already have. It’s been inspired by a poem writen by Seamus Heaney about a house on an island in the middle of a storm.

My work place backs onto the River Mersey which is beautiful and relaxing to watch at the end of a long day (or even during lunch). When the river is high and strong winds whip up, I love it. I love the sounds, the sights, the general atmosphere of being there. I’m trying to convey that power, awe, atmosphere and frustratingly, I keep rewriting the piece, changing words, lines, meaning.

I had planned to edit more today, after a weekend of ad-hoc editing and rewriting, but I have had a sudden dive bomb of energy, sense, creative know-how and general focus. Editing will have to wait.


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