And in the end, it all began – like this!

I’ve not posted anything on the blog for a good couple of months. Apologies to any of you who have subscribed.

I’ve had quite a dry patch of creativity amongst other things, a result of many factors (tiredness being one) and this was reflected in the poems I submitted for my penultimate assignment.

I’ve received my feedback from my tutor, and I will post a reflection in the coming days.

Although I’ve not had a sudden creative “spurt,” I have managed to put ink to paper and scribbled a few lines/words/observations that are the basis for longer pieces. I have also managed to write story that I have submitted to the Mills and Boon New Voices 2011 Competition. Link to firt chapter entry here:

This has helped me to focus on my creative writing (both stories and poetry) in slightly different ways to how I have been doing. Now I feel freer to jot down my thoughts at the
most random times, which is always when they occur (add to that inconvenient –
like sleeping!!).

Now I’m hurtling towards my final assignment – Redrafting, editing and final submission. It’s a scary road ahead, but I’m sure it will be interesting.
Stay tuned.


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