Pruning like a tree (or plastic) surgeon – Nip and tuck

Warning – putting poetry into prose form may become addictive!

I had to stop at 8 pieces – only because the remit asks for 6! I may try it with a few more pieces before choosing the submission pieces for assignment 4.

Again, sadly time has conspired against me, as has month of a more than slightly diminished want to be “creative.” That has thankfully subsided. 

I am now ready to tackle a re-edit of some pieces.

But what pieces should I use?

I have chosen one or two pieces from each of the preceding sections, plus a few extra “sidelines” as I’ve started to call them.

I’ve still got bits and bobs of poetry – lines here, words there – but nothing that has so far made a usable full piece. That is, up until today. Tomorrow this state of affairs may have completely changed ( I kind of hope it will). I am even using the poem detailed in my earlier post, Revelations of the iambic type – well, mostly.

This poetry to prose conversion (and vice versa) has got me to thinking which of my other, (much) earlier poems could benefit from this treatment? Watch this space!!!


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