planning and application

For this post, please read the reflection on the “reflections” page. It will make more sense then.

So, going into my third assignment, I sat and thought about how I could apply what had been highlighted in the report, into the pieces required for the third assignment. Much of it, I already had done (from my own internal reflection following the last submission); I’d written the ideas down, rough drafts or sketched-out poems then continued onto the first draft, to a more defined structure and rhyming scheme (if that is the right word to use), and finally to a “polished” piece that I was happier with.

I didn’t do a poem for each of the exercise suggestions as I had originally planned, simply because I did not have an idea for some of them; building on the ideas I did have, I pulled together the themes, words – pictures even – to enhance and “flesh out” the pieces.

 The second part of the assignment is still in the planning stages, but I will try to not forget what I have begun to do, and set out here.


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