Reasoning with rhyme

 I have a confession to make, I really don’t like rhyme or rhyming –I simply find it so hard to do right, I tend to give up very quickly.

Reading the suggested poetry in “Staying Alive” gave me some hope though. Bitcherel by Eleanor Brown was, above all my favourite, using rhyme to be sarcastic and caustic, something I think rhyme conforms to well. She clearly has a great handle on the variety and usage of rhyming language – something I am yet to develop, and until now, have tried to avoid unless absolutely necessary.

Normally when I rhyme, the poem becomes childlike and obvious and falls somewhat flat. Despite owning a rhyming dictionary, my handle on the English language isn’t quite what it should be, and I get so frustrated over a particular poem, I scrap it altogether or I completely re-write it – non-rhyming of course.

Rhyming is even harder when you consider my accent; the Liverpool accent rhymes words like her, hair, wear and there. It does not scan when written, but is made clearer when read aloud in the accent.

I read as much as I possibly could take in for the first exercise before even attempting putting pen to paper. I then collected words, origins, meanings and all sorts of bits of things that could help me (see post: making pots and poetry).

I didn’t write a poem for every scenario, but expounded on those that I had more information on, or I could visualise some sort of shape to the piece. I also wrote one off-subject, but it seemed to fit in the overall scheme of things.

I now have a few pieces I am happy with, and I can honestly say that as I forced myself to look at rhyme more in-depth, and use it more, I found it easier to write with rhyme. It still has a long way to go, but I’m getting there.

Now for exercise 2…


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