making pots and poetry

To rhyme or not to rhyme? It’s a case of “if it fits,” if a rhyming scheme fits, then let it, but make it like a beautifully tailored item of clothing. If a rhyming scheme doesn’t seem to fit, then don’t try to make it fit – it just becomes a horrible mess. Even so, there is always the area in between…
Gathering the information, the material, the background for the next assignment and related poems has been quite interesting, and in some ways, exciting to see the history and origins of words reinforce my main idea.
In gathering this material, I have tried different ways to put pen to paper, i.e. not starting at the top of the page, drawing pictures, mind maps, doodling, etc whilst doing so. Above is a series of pictures and photos of what I have done so far.
Sadly, I have realised too late, that TIFF files are really difficult to work with. Much of my work this time has been in Windows Journal – a fab program but hard to convert to an internet and blog friendly format. I will find a way to put the documents on the blog.


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