Revelations of the iambic type

So I looked back at my attempts at understanding iambic rhythm. Fair enough, I still can’t seem to write anything more than one line with the whole ten syllables, but I can do the regulated rhythm and stresses.

I also think that it is very hard to write an “unhappy” poem whilst using iambic principles – hence my revelation, and removal of the “why can’t I write a ‘happy’ poem” block.

And I can still avoid end rhymes!

 So to the first two lines of the next piece

 Come on over and have a cuppa

It’s been some time when we last talked

 Okay, so the second line misses the point a bit, the rhythm isn’t regulated with the first line, and the stresses are all over the place!

The number of syllables are different, but I liked the idea and played around with the sound a bit to produce…

 Come on over and have a cuppa

It’s been a while since we last talked

 Shortened vowels in the middle of the second line helped to regulate the stresses a bit more.

The next two lines came

 Take off your shoes, get comfy

Sit and chat we have all day

 Although these two lines complement each other, they don’t really fit with the first two lines. Hmm. So more playing around with sound and syllabic content, and making all sorts of scribblings on my trusty white board (this helps me incredibly when I’m counting syllables).

This is what I eventually came up with

 Come on over and have a cuppa

It’s been so long since last we spoke

Take off your shoes – stretch out a little

Shall I bring you a piece of cake?

 I took out the original last line altogether, I felt I was repeating myself – which I hate doing in poetry. There is an element to contentment with this – it’s relaxed, not rushed, or rushing about.


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