Poem piece I

This is inspired by the first exercise which took place “in the dark”. This has come from a slightly different piece, which I will add and explain later.

Cold air encircles together

With the dark,

And gently nips at fingers

That reach to find

Solid walls and light switches

Out of reach and as elusive

As the shoes that hide and attack


Whilst doing the exercise, I was constantly aware and concerned that I would stub my toes on my -reinforced toe- shoes. The idea of feeling for light switches came when I was trying to turn on the light in my kitchen. It was pitch black, except for a flicker from the oven clock. I felt along the wall and still couldn’t find the light switch.

The piece originally began as the following:

Cold air encircles

Nipping fingers that reach

To find solid walls,

Desperately scrabbling for

Light switches

Out of reach

As darkness threatens to thicken,

And closes in on the eyes

I trip over shoes that need tying on

Or tying down

As I fumble with the cords.

I liked the idea of shoes needing tying down, out of the way, as if they would jump out and attack my feet. I kept this idea, running the theme into the new piece. I felt that I’d put in to much description. I wanted the piece to be even shorter, succinct, cloying even. I wanted it to be oppressive, like darkness can be. I wanted it to feel anonymous, that shoes can attack indescriminantly, to whoever enters a dark hallway, half asleep. I didn’t feel that this was fluid, and that came with the final piece.


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