Turn on the senses by shutting them down


Walking in the dark (with my eyes covered) through the hallway to put my boots on for work was really, actually quite daunting.

I always keep my boots by the bottom of the stairs, which I knew to be at the right of me. I didn’t trust myself to be able not only to find my boots, but also the right side of the hallway!

I held on to the walls and felt my way around the light switches and across doorways until I figured I was almost opposite the stairs, and then I trekked across the two feet of floor to the otherside…

I was anxious, and scarred that I would trip or stub my toe on the skirting or my boots.

I felt the newel post at the side of the staircase, and slid down until I could feel the two bottom steps, and my boots, and managed to sit onto the stairs. Have you ever sat on a chair without looking behind you to check it was still there? There’s a moment when you’re sure you will end up on the floor, just before you reach the seat. It’s a mixture of anxiety, fear, sudden loss of confidence, then relief as you reach the seat. That’s what I felt as I sat down on the stairs.


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