Welcome to The Hide!

A poetry learning and inspiration blog by me, Melanie Coulthard, poet, writer, other. This will be a place to describe, scribble and visualise poetry and the poetical experience. Hopefully it will be a visual as well as a litterary blog. A friendly stroll through the process of poetry and poetry making.

I’m currently studying a module on “the art of poetry” with the Open College of the Arts.

Here you will find my experiences, thoughts and feelings with each exercise I undertake as part of the course, from thinking and preparing to write poetry through to the more polished work.

Here you will find a brief synopsis of how I approached the exercises (and maybe even what I did with them) and what I am taking from them. You’ll see my ideas for each piece I write, the problems I stumble on whilst writing, including what I can’t scrap but probably should!

You may not get everything here – sometimes it’s just not possible to add things onto a blog, but I’ll have a go. All that I can’t put on will always be in one of two notebooks, all pretty old school, but it works for me!

It just leaves me to say, welcome to The Hide.


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